Granny’s House Mod APK 2.5.501 (All Unlocked/Unlimited Soul)

Granny’s House Mod APK All Unlocked, Unlimited Soul – Free Download Latest Version Android Apk Mod Arcade Game.

Granny’s House is a horror adventure game with loads of exciting game modes that will test your strength. If you wish to surpass the haunted mansion, you need to develop an effective strategy as soon as possible and try your best not to be detected by your enemies.

Introduce About Granny’s House?

Granny’s House Mod APK. This is a game of the Arcade genre combined with fighting against hordes of monsters. Because there are some horror and sensational elements, the game is recommended to be suitable only for people 12 years and older. Set against the backdrop of a creepy house.

What is Granny’s House APK?

Granny’s House leads you to the plot when the grandchildren visit the grandmother’s house. It turns into a horror house. Everywhere in the house was surrounded by monsters, and the main door was blocked. So what to do when all around you are dangers lurking? The only answer is to fight and find a safer way out.

What is Granny’s House Mod APK?

Granny’s House allows the player to change the design of the character’s costume. Players can freely express their style with parts such as hair, facial expressions, tattoos, eye colors, and even costumes. There are also lovely accessories such as stuffed toys, hats, crowns, etc. The costumes are only dark or straightforward colors to match the content the game wants to convey.

Granny’s House Mod APK

On the other hand, you can play as the Granny, and your job is to catch anyone who dares to escape! Here, you will play with and against real players worldwide! There are plenty of game modes and scenarios to run in with! Can you play this without getting scared?

Granny’s House Mod APK All Unlocked, Unlimited Soul

Granny’s House is a game created by Update Games that has garnered over a million downloads. In this game, an old woman abducts young girls and keeps them in her haunted house. But the day came when the granny kidnaped a young girl named Dorothy.

The challenge begins as you help her escape from the house without the granny finding out. Or you can play as the granny and catch anyone who tries to escape!

Granny’s House Mod APK Info

Granny’s House Mod APK One of the most popular releases recently is Granny’s House. You’re trapped in a house here as an old lady kidnaps you. You must do everything you can to escape. This means finding the keys and completing missions.

Features of Granny’s House

Startling yet Engaging Gameplay – Granny’s House is one of the most recently released horror games. The developer ensured to include the most dreadful situations, just like those used in modern horror movies. You will be locked inside a haunted and scary house with the other 3 children. You will need to act as the team leader and get yourself and the other kids out of that place.

Customized Characters

Collect characters and the gear you need to dress them up and enhance them however you like!
The more your characters grow, the more fun you will have in Great Escape Mode.

Granny’s House Mod APK

Metaverse Square

  1. In the Square, you can have fun with other players from all over the world.
  2. And quickly obtain rewards by opening gift boxes and treasure chests.
  3. If you find it difficult to escape, collect rewards in the Square and level up your characters!

Escape Reward

  • You can be rewarded based on your play and progress in Granny’s House.
  • Claim rewards after clearing different game modes and missions.
  • With rewards, you can collect and level up more characters.

How to play Granny’s House Apk Mod APK 2022

In Granny’s House, you’ll play as Dorothy or the Granny. As Dorothy, your job is to escape. But there are other objectives, such as finding hidden hints and rescuing your teammates. On the other hand, Granny’s job is to keep everyone in prison.

Choose Your Way to Experience Fear

The game storyline involves a bizarre rumor about a wild granny who kidnaps children at nightfall around the neighborhood. Moreover, the sinister old woman hides them in an abandoned house. The gameplay includes helping the other three abducted children escape this granny. 

Download Granny’s House Apk Mod for Android

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Exhilarating Granny’s House Features You Shouldn’t Miss

  • A fun yet terrifying horror action-adventure game
  • Simultaneously control five characters
  • Immerse in different game modes available
  • Upgrade and opt for more characters


Granny’s House is the Escape Reward. This reward is attainable depending on how you play the game modes and progress in reaching the last door of Granny’s House. You usually get these rewards after overcoming a game mode or mission, and you can use them to upgrade or opt for more characters.

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