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Block Strike Mod APK 7.4.1 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Gold)

Block Strike Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gold Mod Menu is the latest version action game by Reset Studio, free to download from our Direct DL links.

Block Strike is a new mobile game that has exploded in popularity in just a few months. In Block Strike, players take on the role of an ancient wizard who must use their magic to help defend the kingdom from evil monsters.

Introduction to Block Strike

Block Strike – the title of this game speaks for itself, the game has pixel graphics that stacks with colored blocks, But the essence of the game is not at all. Take part in incredible dynamic battles, choose your favorite weapons from the arsenal, and start the competition. Your most essential allies there will be your reaction and your speed.

What is Block Strike APK?

Block Strike: FPS Shooter – Try to survive and become the winner in this cube game. Shoot with players, play with friends. Your goal is to destroy all enemies! Use different modes: play for yourself or against everyone, shoot against zombies, play in a team, play hunter or survival, and more.

What is Block Strike Mod APK?

Block Strike APK god mode allows you to acquire multiple weapons and improve your fighting skills. The main goal is to win the battle, whether with your friends or with strange players worldwide. If you find playing challenging, check out the Azur lane mod apk, which is easy to play. Enjoy the first-person shooter action gameplay!

 Block Strike Mod Apk

How to Get More Gold and Money

This app allows you to power up your characters quickly and easily, so you can survive longer in the game and rack up more rewards. Plus, the mod apk is free, so there’s no reason not to try it!

Mod Menu weapons

  • There are a few different weapons in the Block Strike Mod menu.
  • The first is the Molotov Cocktail, a weapon that can be thrown and then set enemies on fire.
  • The second is the Flame Thrower, a gun that shoots out fiery and can set enemies on fire.
  • The third is the Rocket Launcher, a weapon that fires rockets that damage enemies.
  • The fourth is the Tesla Gun, a weapon that shoots out electric projectiles that can stun enemies.
  • The fifth is the Grenade Launcher which fires grenades that explode and damage enemies.

Mod Menu Items

Here are some of the more common Mod Menu Items:

  1. In-Game Gold and Money: This option allows players to increase their in-game money and gold reserves.
  2. Auto Level Up: This option will automatically level up players’ characters as they progress through the game.
  3. Auto Loot: This option will automatically loot enemy corpses for items.
  4. God Mode: This option will grant players unlimited health, energy, and mana.

This game is from Reset Studio, the same folks who created Gunblade and Space Hulk: Deathwing. In Block Strike, you play as one of several characters who must fight through an intense and varied battlefield to save the world from ultimate destruction.

Customize your avatar

The game is exceptionally well-designed, and it offers a ton of content for those who want to spend some time playing it. But that’s not all there is to this game. You can also use the Block Strike Mod Menu to unlock unlimited money and gold, which can be very helpful when upgrading your equipment or purchasing new weapons and abilities.

Is there a Cheat Code for Unlimited Money and Gold

There is an Unlimited Money and Gold cheat code in the Block Strike. This cheat code will give you unlimited amounts of money and gold. Follow these steps to use the cheat code:

  1. Open the Block Strike from your phone’s app store.
  2. Tap on the “Options” button on the screen.
  3. In the “Options” menu, tap on “Cheats.”
  4. Enter the following cheat code into the “Cheat Code “unlimited money and gold,” and press OK.

Creative Gameplay

The gameplay is easy to follow and engaging, and the levels are constantly challenging. Plus, an unlimited amount of money and gold is available to be earned, so you can buy whatever upgrades you need to help you survive.

The best feature of this game

The best feature of this game is that it allows players to earn money and gold without having to spend any real money. This is an excellent way for players to get the most out of the game without having to invest any of their own time or money.

Premium Features Unlocked

Change the look of your weapon with skins, and do not forget to keep a sticker. All this you will get from the circumstances free of charge and for in-game foreign money, which you will get for the battles fought. Create your distinctive weapon pores and skin that even your folks will envy.

Block Strike is a new puzzle game from the creators of Cut the Rope and Fruit Ninja. In Block Strike, you play as a block that needs to move around a grid to collect colored squares and avoid obstacles. The catch is that each block can only move one space simultaneously. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new blocks and abilities that make the grid even more challenging.

 Block Strike Apk Mod

Graphics and Sounds

The Block Strike is a game-changer for any player who wants to be the best. This app allows for unlimited money and gold, so you can be on your way to becoming the best player around. With this app, you can get ahead of the competition and become the top dog.

Block Strike Mod Apk Unlimited Gold

Also, as you wind up in the center of the battles, the MODERN WARSHIPS Mod APK Block Strike offers various weapons for you to get and appreciate. Or then again, on the other hand, go ahead and partake in the thrilling scuffle battles with straightforward. And open weapons. Partake in the fantastic ongoing interaction of Block Strike in different in-game encounters as you progress.


If you’re looking for a game that will keep you entertained for hours, Block Strike is definitely worth checking out. Not only does the game offer an exciting and challenging combat system, but it also features tons of different items and weapons that you can use to take down your opponents. In addition to the core game, the Block Strike also offers a ton of extra content that will keep you coming back for more.

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